About the book – the lifestory of Carl August Lorentzen, the Breakout King

The book about Carl August Lorentzen was first published as an ebook in April 2015 and later, September the 3rd, 2015, as a printed book. It is a work of 291 pages, a novel biography describing Carl August’s life from before he was born to his death on June 1st, 1958.

A major research work in the Landsarkivet in Copenhagen, as it was mentioned in 2008, (now the National Archives), the National Archives of Nørrejylland in Viborg, material from Horsens State Prison, Frederiksberg City Archives and, for example, the City of Copenhagen, have been the basis for a description of Carl August’s life and, not least his art works, whether they are paintings, drawings, watercolors or woodcuts.

In order to give a picture of the time through the 20th century, when Carl August went on a solid pendulum between freedom and life behind the bars, a section with a description of the present, including major events, begins at times when Carl August came out of or back into prisons.

Finally, there are a wealth of illustrations. Works Carl August has produced, but also photographs of police documents, legal documents, pictures from old Copenhagen and, not least, documentation for his various escapes. There are also translations of letters Carl August has written and, not least, excerpts from his memoranda. An article series brought in the new magazine in 1955.

An excerpt from DBC literary judgements is thus exemplary in its assessment:

“A unique story told with empathy and a nice feel for its proper social context. The many photos and other great illustrations create a good framework for the story”

Under the Gallery menu, some of the illustrations from the book can be seen.