About the author

Jan Patrick Skaarup

The author of the book, Jan Patrick Skaarup, is the grandnephew of Carl August Lorentzen. Carl August's big sister, Ellen, was the grandmother of Jan Patrick.


Jan Patrick Skaarup has a versatile career behind him. He was originally trained as a shippingman in the East Asian Companion, later as a social caseworker in the municipality of Copenhagen. Since then, he has been involved in a lot of other professional and artistic performances, some years active as a singer and composer, later as autodidact photographer, both video and still photo and in connection with that, producing and editing video for websites. In a period of the 1980s, Jan Patrick was employed as an actor and danced in several professional theater shows, later he worked as an extra in various films, television shows and also in the Royal Danish Opera. However, a continuous theme has been writing in secret, which has so far led to three publications, the book about Carl August Lorentzen, a collection of 13 short stories,  "The man behind the mirror and other deadly stories", as well as a biographical story about loosing weight: Loss and win with the same body. The latter was published in November 2017. Several books are on their way.

Visit the author's website: www.janpatrickskaarup.dk